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My Favourite Wedding Photography Lenses

I am very excited to write the very first article of my blog and I decided to choose a wedding photography technical topic. I’ll be very happy to read your comments and don’t hesitate to ask me questions, I’ll be here to answer.

Today I’ll be sharing what lenses I use while shooting a wedding. This article will be organized following the different periods of a wedding day (preparation, ceremony, reception, etc). I’ll walk you through the process that is happening in my mind during a wedding day (minus the temptation of helping the bride to dress up, the tears I have to contain even after years of shooting weddings and the tendancy to dance all night) in relation to what I’m carrying in my bag and what I hide in my car. I normally have a large backpack with me that I hide here and there during the day. And I also use smaller bags to carry specific lenses that I will only need in some situations to avoid carrying the large bag every time which allows me to be discreet. I shoot from preparation until the end of the ceremony with two cameras and a Hold Fast strap to make sure I always have a wide angle and a tele at disposal immediately. Then I work with a single camera to avoid being over-tired because of weight and lose creativity in the late evening. I am working with Canon L series lenses.

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