Oh Darling!

As promised last week here are some pictures of the wedding event Oh Darling Festival.
I was there with my son Elliott and my attention was divided in two and both my hands were around him.
So I only had the chance to take few pictures but it gives you the idea of the atmosphere.

At the end of the day Elliott was also tired but happy.

May the Love be With You


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Looking for some inspiration for your wedding?

Oh Darling! Festival

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It takes place on the weekend of January 13th and 14th, 2018, at the Château Terblock (Overijse) and this first edition offers meetings with specialized service providers, animations, creative workshops, tastings, catwalks and a training day (on January 15th) for wedding professionals. So we leave the classic wedding fair concept with its succession of custom booths and their coldness to switch to a warmer atmosphere. The organizers of this new event have preferred to recreate atmospheres with the help of some wedding providers and you’ll be able to walk and get inspired.

Two girls are behind the main organization of this Festival (Yeah!) and they are moreover two great personalities of the wedding world in Belgium that have already proven themselves in terms of good taste. They are Ainsley, the blogger/photographer of the very popular “And I said yes” and Aurélie whose name rhymes with “Jours de fête” and who specializes in the organization of atypical weddings.

Quoting their own words, “the couple Oh Darling! is totally in love. These lovers let themselves be lulled by the image of a sweet and beautiful festive day, surrounded by their families and friends. They like pretty things and are sensitive to quality relationships. They have character, taste and style, but don’t belong to any category. They are looking for inspiration, fun and lightness”.

The idea behind this festive event is to respond to a direct request: to inspire and advise, without closing doors. Being in the trend, without wanting to lead. Propose new things, without over-doing. To dream, while remaining rational.

I cannot wait to wander there this week-end! And you ?

See you next week for a visual story-telling.

May the Love be With You,


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Are you looking for a wedding photographer in Belgium ?

If the answer is yes let me begin with « congratulations » and a big virtual hug !

The adventure of getting married is a huge experience… for one year now you will become a master in DIY, you will get inspired on Pinterest, then you’ll have to choose who are gonna be your bridesmaids and groomsmen. Some of these moments will be very funny and other will be trickier and you’ll have to stay calm and keep your energy high leading to good vibes.

At the end of this incredible journey you will manage to create your wedding day which will be 100% fitting to both your personalities and it is going to be the perfect white page on which writing your future story together.

In these ups and downs you will have to make important choices like choosing the perfect location and choosing your photographer and videographer. Where to begin and how to do it right? 

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My Favourite Wedding Photography Lenses

I am very excited to write the very first article of my blog and I decided to choose a wedding photography technical topic. I’ll be very happy to read your comments and don’t hesitate to ask me questions, I’ll be here to answer.

Today I’ll be sharing what lenses I use while shooting a wedding. This article will be organized following the different periods of a wedding day (preparation, ceremony, reception, etc). I’ll walk you through the process that is happening in my mind during a wedding day (minus the temptation of helping the bride to dress up, the tears I have to contain even after years of shooting weddings and the tendancy to dance all night) in relation to what I’m carrying in my bag and what I hide in my car. I normally have a large backpack with me that I hide here and there during the day. And I also use smaller bags to carry specific lenses that I will only need in some situations to avoid carrying the large bag every time which allows me to be discreet. I shoot from preparation until the end of the ceremony with two cameras and a Hold Fast strap to make sure I always have a wide angle and a tele at disposal immediately. Then I work with a single camera to avoid being over-tired because of weight and lose creativity in the late evening. I am working with Canon L series lenses.

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